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Did you know... One in three people have been touched by hospice care

Facts and figures

The first modern hospice was established in the UK in 1967; these facts detail how the hospice movement has progressed and how it is funded.

UK services for adults

In the UK there are:

  • 223 hospice and palliative care inpatient units
  • 3,200 hospice and palliative care beds
  • 291 home care services
  • 129 Hospice at Home services
  • 275 day care centres
  • 346 hospital support services1.


UK services for children

In the UK there are:

  • 43 hospice inpatient units
  • 338 hospice beds1



In the UK, £1.6 million is spent on hospice care every day2.


Adults' hospices in England receive on average 34% of their funding from the government. Children's hospices typically receive much less government funding, on average 19% of their running costs2.


Our Policy pages have more information on hospice funding.


The volunteer contribution

More than 100,000 people volunteer in local hospices in the UK. Without them hospices could not continue the work that they do. A study by Help the Hospices in 2006 estimated the economic value of volunteers to independent charitable hospices in the UK to be over £112 million.



Download facts and figures about hospice and palliative care around the world.


Further information

Please contact us if you need more information about hospice care.


For patient statistics, please contact the National Council for Palliative Care.


For further statistical information relating to end of life care in England, see the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network.



1. Help the Hospices. Hospice and Palliative Care Directory 2012-2013. London: Help the Hospices; 2012. (Figures for the UK include any service provision in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man)

2. Help the Hospices. Hospice accounts – Analysis of the accounts of UK independent voluntary hospices for the year ended 31 March 2012. London: Help the Hospices; 2013.

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