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Did you know... One in three people have been touched by hospice care

How local services involve users

User groups work closely with service providers across the country to ensure that the care offered is of the highest standard.
Many hospice and palliative care services work with users so that:


  • services reflect the reality for people with a terminal illness

  • service developments focus on the needs and priorities of patients, families and carers
  • there is a shared responsibility and partnership
  • users are better informed of services. 

How users benefit

By giving users and their families the chance to discuss their care and the services they use, these groups provide the opportunity to give something back and improve care for others.  Involvement can also be a form of support for some people, leading to a sense of self-worth and value.


Tell us about your group

We would like to hear of more groups across the UK, please send us an email to let us know more.