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Did you know... Half of all countries do not have access to hospice and palliative care

Annual reports and reviews: archive

We report to our key stakeholders every year, giving details of what we have achieved and how we performed against our objectives.

Below you can find links to our archived annual reports and reviews. You can also read our most recent annual review online.


Supporting hospice care for all 2008-2009

In our 2008-2009 review we show the wide-ranging support we gave to hospices in areas that really matter to them: patient care, leadership, professional development, raising the profile and fundraising.


Helping hospices, changing lives 2007-2008

Our annual review "Helping Hospices, changing lives 2007/2008" demonstrates how our work supporting hospices is making a difference to patients, their friends and family, and the people working with them.


Annual report and financial statements 2007-2008

Our annual report and financial statements 2007-2008 provides details of how we spent the money we raised and of payments we made to hospices.


Strength in numbers 2006-2007

Our annual review 2006/07, "Strength in Numbers", covers a time of positive change for Help the Hospices, as our teams prepared for our move to becoming a full membership organisation in 2007.


We can't do it without you 2006-2007

Our annual review for supporters 2006/07, "We Can't Do It Without You", showcased how donors and volunteers' support made a difference in 2006/2007.


Annual review 2008-2009