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Did you know... Half of all countries do not have access to hospice and palliative care


The motivation to share experience and impart skills has always been at the heart of the hospice and palliative care movement. There are many examples of successful twinning partnerships within the global hospice and palliative care community.

A partnership link is a formal or informal agreement between two communities or organisations to work together to:

  • develop friendships and links
  • exchange experiences, knowledge and skills
  • develop mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.



Partnership links bring multiple benefits, at organisational and individual levels. Reported benefits to both partner hospices include:

  • supporting training and skills development needs
  • acquisition of new ideas and approaches
  • exposure to a new environment and culture
  • broadening and adapting skills
  • staff recruitment, retention and motivation
  • team building.


What they do

There are many examples of relationships and links that exist between different hospice and palliative care services across the world. These may involve support and assistance in different forms including:

  • information giving, such as sharing documentation and new practices
  • educational initiatives, such as shared teaching and exchange visits
  • financial support, for example staff fundraising or assistance with applications
  • peer support
  • material resources
  • advocacy
  • education.