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Optimism among shadow health and wellbeing boards

17 April 2012

Health and wellbeing boards could be the catalyst for delivering integrated care, according to a new report from The King's Fund.

Health and wellbeing boards: System leaders or talking shops? looks at the experience of the shadow health and wellbeing boards so far and identifies real optimism about the prospects for success, with almost all those surveyed expecting boards to deliver on their identified priorities and promote closer integration between the NHS and local authorities.


Help the Hospices has recommended that these boards must be appropriately supported with resources, as the report recommends, and that there should be hospice and palliative care representation on these boards.


Health and welling boards

Health and wellbeing boards will be responsible for developing a local health and wellbeing strategy, and for bringing together health, public health and social care. In addition, they will have a right to refer commissioning plans back to clinical commissioning groups if they have concerns. They will have a duty to involve service users and the public, and will be subject to normal local authority scrutiny.


For more information about health and wellbeing boards, see the Department of Health's brief guide and The King's Fund interactive directory of existing shadow boards.



Health and wellbeing boards could be catalyst for integrated care says new report from The King’s Fund. The King's Fund: Press release, 12 April 2012