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Did you know... One in three people have been touched by hospice care

Who can get hospice care

Hospice care is available to anyone with an advancing and potentially terminal illness, who is likely to benefit from the skills of the hospice care team and the hospice care environment. This includes those with cancer, heart failure and lung disease. Its availability is dependent on the nature of the need rather than prognosis, and so people can use hospice care at any stage of their illness, not just at the very end of their life.

Services for children and young people

Specialist hospice and palliative care services offer full medical and nursing care (and often respite care) for children and young people with a life-limiting illness. For further information about the work of children’s hospices and other resources for children and families, you may like to contact Together for Short Lives.


Cultures and religions

Many hospices were started by religious organisations. However, hospices value the different cultures, faiths and life experiences of every individual and do their best to meet their needs.


International care

There are hospice and palliative care services throughout the world. Our international team can help to put you in touch with these services, or you can search for them using our international directory.


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