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Governance Policy
Did you know... More than 100,000 people volunteer in hospices across the UK

Application process

Rank Foundation grants can be applied for quickly and easily online.

Before applying

You are strongly encouraged to read the eligibility criteria , the  assessment criteria as well as the application form guidance notes before completing the application form.

Only one application will be considered from each hospice.


Applying online

You need to set up an online application account to apply online. There is more guidance on setting up and using your online account elsewhere on our website.

If successful this account is needed to access the final report to complete twelve months after the grant is awarded.

Before you can access the online application form you will be asked several questions in the eligibility filter. Responses to this are not sent to Help the Hospices but, if answered correctly, will allow you to access the form.

Accessing and completing your application form

To begin a new Rank Foundation online form open a new application form and complete the requested information. The first page after signing in will be the eligibility quiz.


To return to a saved application, sign into your existing account. This will take you to a page which displays both your completed and in-progress applications.

When you are filling in your application form, give concise answers as some questions have a limit on the number of words you can write.


If successful, you will be asked to report back on your grant by referring to the answers you have written on your application form, so it is important to be realistic in your answers. 

Submitting the online form

Once you have completed the form you can submit it online. To submit, go to the last page of the application form and at the bottom is a ‘review and submit’ button. This allows you to check through your application before sending it. Once you are happy with it, click ‘submit’ and a message should appear stating that it has been sent.


You will also receive an automated email acknowledging receipt and on your account page, the application will show under ‘submitted applications’ rather than ‘open applications’.


If this does not happen then the application has not been submitted.


Send either by post, or scanned in and attached to an email:

  • a copy of your hospice’s most recent audited accounts (if you have not already sent them to Help the Hospices for the hospice account project)
  • any other supporting documentation such as a:
    • project plan, if appropriate 
    • needs assessment.



Deadline for submitting an application and supporting documentation is 3 November 2014.


Applications submitted after that date will not be accepted.