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Your online account

Applications to all our grant programmes can be made online. If successful, progress and final reports for your grant funded work are also completed online, so your online account is important.

The information below relates to both our online application and report forms. 

These forms are hosted on another website, so when you access them, you will be directed away from the Help the Hospices website.


Following is information about:

  • creating an online account

  • accessing online application and report forms

  • logging into your online account

  • completing online forms

  • where to find help if required

  • submitting your online form.


When you are logged into your online account, the information on this page can be accessed by clicking on ‘help’ from any page of the form.


General requirements

To use the online application and report forms you must have access to the internet and a web browser that allows cookies.


In addition you need to be using any of the following web browsers: 

  • Internet Explorer 7 or 8

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0

  • Safari 3.2 (for Mac) 


Creating an online account

To access any of our online application forms you will need to create an account. This only needs to be done once, as the same account login details can be used to access online forms for any of our grant programmes as well as submit reports on grants received.


When you click on a link on the Help the Hospices website to access a new application form, it will take you to an ‘account login’ page. Select ‘I am a new online applicant>continue’. This will take you to a page asking to enter your email address and to create a password of five characters minimum.


All automatic messages related to your application will be sent to this email address, regardless of which email address is entered in the form itself, so please choose an appropriate email address.

If successful the account is used to access various reports online to complete throughout the life of the grant. Therefore we suggest the person who will be responsible for reporting back on the grant funded work applies for a grant from their own online account.  

Once you have created your account, you will be emailed a link which allows you to sign in again at any time. Alternatively, you can always access your account by logging into your account from various pages of our website.


Accessing online forms

Starting a new application form

For each of our grant programmes, there will be a ‘how to apply’ page which has a link to create a new application form. Click on this and login to your account to access the new form. Usually the first page of all our online forms is an eligibility filter.


The eligibility filter is a series of questions to determine that you meet the basic eligibility criteria for a particular grant programme. Responses to the filter are not sent to Help the Hospices.


If you answer all the questions in the eligibility filter successfully, then you can access the first page of the online application form. You can save the form at any time to return to at a later date, so you do not need to complete it all in one go.


Is a different account needed for each application started?

No, you can make applications to any of our grant programmes using the same account. When you login to your account, the first page will have a list of all started and saved applications to return to, under ‘open applications’.


All applications which have been successfully submitted are listed under ‘submitted applications’.

Completing an online report form

If a grant application is successful then progress and final reports are available to complete online. An email will be sent to the grant-holder asking them to log into their online account.

If this is the account from which the original application was sent then the report form will be available to complete by selecting 'requirements' and the form will be listed under 'open requirements'.

If the person responsible for reporting back on progress of a grant is different to the person who submitted the original application, please contact the grants team for help.

Logging into your account

When you log into your account using the email address and password created when the account was set up, you reach the ‘my account’ pages. From here you can:

  • access already started and completed application form

  • access already started and completed report forms
  • delete in-progress applications

  • email read only copies of forms.


Access application forms

After logging in to the online account, already started forms will be listed under ‘open applications’. To access any form, click on the name of the relevant form to open it, to continue filling it in.


Sometimes the following message appears when you try and access an already started form:

 ‘The application form that you are attempting to access is not currently available. Please try again later, or contact us for assistance.’

There are two main reasons for this:

  • the deadline for submitting the form has past so it has been deactivated
  • the application form has been updated since you started it, so we are only accepting applications on the new version of the form (mainly relates to professional development grants).

All applications made to Help the Hospices will be listed under ‘submitted applications’. Click on the name of the relevant form and it will open in a printer friendly version.

Access report forms

After logging in to the online account, select 'requirements' and already started report forms will be listed under 'open requirements'. To access any form, click on the name of the relevant form to open it, to continue filling it in.

Submitted reports are listed under 'submitted requirements'. Click on the name of the relevant form and it will open in a printer friendly version.

Delete in-progress applications

Any part completed applications can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon under the last column called ‘action’. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete it before it disappears.


Once an application is submitted it cannot be recalled or deleted. 

Email read only copies of forms

A read only version of any in-progress or submitted form can be emailed to up to ten other people by selecting the 'envelope' icon next to it.

Completing online forms

Our application forms are set up so that some information such as organisation and applicant contact details are automatically populated from the previous application submitted if relevant. These can be overwritten if details have changed.


A red star next to a question means you have to provide an answer. In addition several questions have word limits.


If you do not do answer mandatory questions or go over the word limit, then you will not be able to submit your application and a message will appear at the top of the page saying:

‘please correct the problems indicated below’.

A red arrow and text will appear at the relevant questions, prompting you for any information you may have missed but this does not occur until you try and submit the completed form.


At any point you have the option of saving the form and returning to it later. To do this click ‘save and finish later’ found at the bottom of every page.


Formatting the online form

It is not possible to format the online application and report forms, for example create bullet points or make text bold or italic.


We recommend that you write your answers in a word document first as it is easier to check the word count and spelling. In addition bullet points can be copied and pasted from there. Any text formatting will not though.


Moving through the form

When completing a form please do not use your browser's 'back' button at any time. To go to another page of the application, use the page numbers listed at the top of each page or use the ‘next’ button at the bottom of the page.


Help with the online form

At the top left hand side of the account page is a blue menu bar. Select:

  • contact us: to send an email to the grants team at Help the Hospices, if you have any questions or need help with your application

  • help: to take you to these pages with more information about your online form

  • guidance notes: for application form specific guidance on completing each question in the form

  • exit: to log out of your online account.


Submitting your online form

Once the form is complete, select the 'review and submit' button on the last page of the form. This allows you to check through it and then select 'submit'.


If there are errors on the form, for example too many words or questions completed incorrectly, they will be highlighted at this stage and the form will not be sent until they are corrected.


Once the form is successfully submitted, then a message will appear on screen stating that it has been sent and an automated confirmation email, containing all the answers supplied on the application, will be sent to the email address of the account-holder.


If this email is not received, then the form has not been successfully submitted.


After sending a completed application or report form you can print and keep a hard copy. You can do this by clicking on the ‘printer friendly version’ button on the top menu bar of each page. You can print your application at any time following this process.


Within three days of submitting your application, another email is sent from the grants team to all individuals detailed in the application, to inform you that the application is under consideration.


Is it necessary to send a signed hard copy of the application form as well?

No, by submitting your application online you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as listed on the application form. If your application for a grant is successful, then we will send an acceptance form to sign and return, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the grant.